Saturday, 23 January 2016

Subjects Make Great Impact

Aesthetic or unaesthetic, everything is characterized by both of these elements. Perhaps, some of the things that have life involved in it are perfectly endowed with the skills only. Such things from my perception are the subjects that we study. Be it Science where, we study the natural world or be it liberal arts which intend to give general knowledge or the finance where money matters are handled, these subjects and the other too make a greater impact in one’s life. We study in the starting years of our lives then get directed to various jobs and that certainly is where the whole life revolves around. Our lives are injected with so much and one can truly call it as a sort of investment (as is referred in Economics) and these investments are what that makes our personality. So our personality or the kind of person we become is all because of the impactful subjects we study all our lives. This is one case where unaesthetic elements don’t really take place even if some of the researchers go wrong with their respective researches as even the wrong here is in a way fruitful. When fallacy is considered one derives something very important that can be used in the experiments or researches that are to be done later.  Moreover, these subjects become a matter of interest for most of the people. A scientist, a painter, a doctor, a banker all are skillful because they took keen interest in their respective subjects and surely celebrate the moments of success in their lives that concerns their work and subject that has given them the opportunity and blessing to lead a good life and have rational minds. One more thing that the subjects have in its credit is that education certainly does well to the minds of people and increases the rational quotient. Being logical and having fair reasoning for everything is sure a blessing and this skill can be easily achieved by having a good education. Some of the creative subjects that lead people to work in creative fields give opportunity to those who rather like to work for creativity than to already stated facts. We all are different and there is diversity among all of us that concerns our interests and everything. We have all kinds of subjects and areas to work into and this makes it easy for everyone to work for their will and not only for wages. Subjects have great impact on our lives and so deserve greater attention too. One should be always be thankful of these subjects and cherish the fact that they followed a particular subject or particular education system in order to evolve. Impactful things are rare and subjects are one of them.


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