Sunday, 10 January 2016

From Good Morning to GOLD Morning

We are always looking for a new start whenever something wrong has happened or been done by us. Apart from finding solutions from corny and faux sources, one always looks for a new start rather. There is nothing better than the mornings for that new start. Morning treats the annoyance and bad mood very well. Be it the freshness from the breeze or the brightness of the sun, everything about the morning is so good. We wake up to looking forward to new and better things to happen. Mornings cajole the yesterday's nitty-gritty problems. One thing that is unique in itself about the mornings is that today in a world so dependent on technology everyone is busy dreaming big and all the while they do this they forget the source of basic needs of a human being consequently, we are creating distance between us and the nature. Mornings can bring you closer to the nature as the nature is best seen in the day's sunlight and can be appreciated and praised for its incredible beauty. Great things happen to people who value what is priceless. Morning is, no doubt, a gift from the almighty. New opportunity comes when new days begin. There is absolutely nothing as beautiful as the mornings. From one ray of sunlight that is proven to kill the germs present in the air to the fresh air that lifts up one's mood, all is impeccable about the morning. A new start is always exciting as it is a gift from the god to improve ourselves and fix what is wrong in us. Yesterday should never be a problem and can only be fixed by a new day. Moreover, the beauty of a place and nature is so attractive that all desire for travelling and exploring these beautiful places. Some of the beautiful and natural creations are created in the nature because of the presence of the sun. What we get to see and adore because of the sunlight is all that comes from happening of a new day. Our dreams shall grow into numbers as each day passes and one can always witness the opportunity to bring them to reality, as the days pass by. Things are reiterated and so does our rituals. Good mornings are already so good and are turned into gold because of all reasons that morning can offer for the goodness of our being. The staleness in lives and everything around, vanishes as the morning appears. Life is itself a ritual that repeats elegantly and is better supported by new beginnings. New beginning is supported by beautiful mornings and that's how life goes on wherein new things happen, good things happen and bad too takes its share but all is fixed once appears the #Colgate360GoldMornings

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