Thursday, 16 July 2015

Khushi Ke Pal

Life is some sort of hardship. If you have people around you who understand you,respect your opinions and participate, then it becomes a cakewalk. Cherry on the cake, if those are none other than your parents. Learning while you grow should be fun, as that not only inculcates knowledge but also ethics in one's mind. Interactive parents are always better than the instructive ones. Instructions do help but they need to be expressed in a manner that is polite and somewhat in a language that helps the kids. The current generation is a little advanced than the previous one. In that case, parents should go by the mantra of Buddy Parenting. Bonding with kids is essential so that one knows his kids through and through. Bonding also helps in making kids happy, as they are then complacent with everything. 

I have experienced many Khushi Ke Pal moments. My parents have always been very interactive just like friends. I know, I can always count on them when it comes to sharing secrets. They have shaped up my childhood in a graceful manner. I don't feel the need of wrong doings in my life as I am provided with everything that one is entitled to and especially the right attitude. My Khushi Ke Pal has a never-ending list but the best always remains the best. I remember how I stayed silent all day long when I scored poor in my math's exam and was not willing to tell anyone as I had by then a very good reputation when academics was concerned. I felt I have shattered my mother's expectations this time. I was surprised to experience a wonderful moment that day, when my mother instead of scolding me explained me many things that helps me even now in life. It was so pleasant to have words of wisdom from her. We are so well bonded that she has rather become a best friend. This initiative called Khuljaye Bachpan is sure going to help kids overcome adversities in life. Kids need someone at home to look up to. Parents can be the best role models for their kids. This way kids get to have a good perception of everything followed by right inference from everything. Being unfettered while growing carves out a better personality in kids. They become fearless and outspoken, which is a boon. The other side of the coin reveals to be better too! In this process of opening up to kids, participating and getting involved in their friend circle, parents get to learn a lot. Next generation is always smarter than the one passed by and has better things to tell. So, there is a lot to learn and it becomes more of a mutual exchange of knowledge,fun and experiences. Kudos to the Kellogg's chocos' initiative, 'Khuljaye Bachpan'.

Friday, 10 July 2015

Honey Diet - A Sweeter Alternative

Well, not only the fall but the summer, too, gives us heebie-jeebies. There are many problems we go through when the weather change or even if it remains the same. Summer is known for ice-creams and cold drinks. On the contrary, one is supposed to stop having these in order to prevent excessive weight gain. In such case, Honey can do wonders and one can get rid of the nightmare of getting fat. The crash diet that lets you lose weight in a short period by reducing the daily calorie intake to as low as 700 calories, sure jeopardize a healthy diet as it stresses too much upon a single kind of nutrient. There have been levels up to which crash diet is ought to be followed but people have gone beyond these levels in order to look good. Staying healthy and alive should be the prime aim of life. A balanced diet is any day better than any other diet. One has to compromise a lot while following a crash diet. The era, where people are busy with their jobs and everything, fitness is rarely seen among people. Our body is such that not taking balanced diet can make us more prone to various types of diseases. Vitamins, minerals and the other nutrients are must. While compromising with the balanced diet for crash diet, one tends to reduce the intake of carbohydrates, as its main sources are wheat and rice. People do juice and soup fasts for days but that only helps in losing weight and not in staying fit. The mere need of human body is not fulfilled. In such case, one should go for honey diet as it helps in losing weight without having to compromise with the natural balanced diet. Honey is a great source of carbohydrates and thus gives our body, strength and energy. It provides effectiveness in our performance, energizes us and also reduces muscle fatigue. 


Honey is basically, natural sugar. Honey also helps in reducing weight and belly fat. A spoon of honey a day with warm water can do all good to a human body. Crash diet should not be followed as they do away with other important nutrients. The only habit we need to inculcate is to start having honey on a daily basis routine. Honey should be added as primary diet to the balanced diet. It gives immune system a boost and can also keep us immune from common diseases. Honey is tasty and sweet. One can be at ease in saying a big NO to the fried and sugary eatables. Honey is the best alternative for all. Healthy, sweet ad tasty, it can be added in so many dishes and serve as a good healthy treat. We should start having honey regularly now ad stay healthy. Dabur Honey, sure is the best sweeter alternative!