Thursday, 12 March 2015

My Moment of Realization

There's some good in this world, and it's worth fighting for. I've been wondering about this not so much good that I haven't yet confronted. Some days back while searching for some good novels and books on the Internet I came across one result that revealed a catchy and attractive name of a book. As I read more about it, I got to know about the writer and why the book was so special. That book was written by a 17 year old girl who was born with some terror stricken disease that had made her life terminal. She was battling with the disease throughout her life and took her last breath on the day her book was launched. Unfortunately, she couldn't witness any copy of her book. Her book consists of her thoughts, dreams, about life, poetry and pros. 

As I developed this interest in writing at an early age, her demise was no less than a huge loss for me. Reading everything about her and her book I could make out that she was a precocious brain. I always wanted my hobby of writing to turn into my career choice but nobody appreciated this decision and so I lost every hope of doing something better about it. A 17 year old teenager's story of how even after such repulsive pain in life she gave her life a meaning turned into my moment of realization. She left this world happily without realizing how her story can make good differences in so many lives. This story has let the real person come out of me and I am sure it must have done same to so many people who read this brave girl's story. Pessimism attracts indeed. Many moments have filled my life with utter pessimism. It is difficult to leave something that means everything to you. For me, writing is one such thing that fills me with joy. Having left the dreams of making it a career choice, i felt life is more like a hard nut to crack. Hearing a story like that has made me fearless too! I am looking forward to read her book and add some more fire to my zeal for writing. I've been thinking about what made her so strong, so fearless and most importantly so optimistic and cheerful about life, a life that was not meant to treat her right. This, absolutely fills me with optimism. Living is easy when you have something to count on and when you want to be someone more than nothing. Optimism and hope is all one needs. This story has made my optimism and hope for the future a little story. I can see myself coming out from the pool of broken dreams. I met with this little good of this world and I'm all set to fight for this and this sure is worth it! 

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