Sunday, 15 March 2015

In a moment

Like everyone else, like the current society and the ongoing trend of pushing kids and students to be an engineer or a doctor, I also faced this stereotype. It was very conventional of my parents to limit the options for my career. I was going with the flow. I took science stream and gave all the competitive exams for the best engineering and medical colleges and flunk all resulting in poor ranks. This was one time when I could have simply left everything in order to take a new start. I did nothing as I thought that the time has passed and nothing is going to be all right. 

One day while sitting in the backyard, I saw my elder brother playing with our pet dog. My relationship with my elder brother was a little ruined that time as he was an introvert and I too was one of his kinds. He also faced the same journey as me and that made both of us a little less cheerful. We didn’t talk on most of the occasions. I saw him coming towards me and so I started faking him that I was busy doing questions. He sat near me and exclaimed that what I was doing makes him have a similar image of me as him that is fearful. I was startled and said that I was just being a good son and may be a good brother too. He replied that he was not in support of anything that was going on and he claimed of knowing about my dreams, which didn’t follow the path I was on. I was surprised, as we didn’t share any of our personal emotions, dreams and stuff. As we went on talking, I realized that we were opening up and sharing almost everything with each other. He was so busy telling me about his plans for future that I guess he never then realized the better thing that was happening in the moment. He asked me to be strong and unlike him confront our parents with my real dreams and plans. I did confront my parents that too with my brother beside me. That one moment in the backyard has changed my life completely. I got what I wanted that is, my parents agreed to everything. I felt that I got this strength and ecstatical fearlessness from the most fearful person I know and that was my elder brother. That moment has filled my life with so much optimism. It is never too late. It is all about taking a stand for better things. That moment, most importantly, gave me my brother back! I found his heart to be a deep abyss full of dreams and inspiring being. I had seen the spark in his eyes when he fought for me. It was much needed, to open up with my sibling. That moment was the most special moment for me and the memories it hold still fills me with joy and optimism whenever I am falling. I am optimistic about everything, my future, my relationship with my brother and with my parents too. A moment and memories with it can give so much!  

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