Friday, 19 September 2014

Life is beautiful

The secret of beautiful life ? The big things should keep you busy and the little things should keep you happy. It won't be a good idea to give importance to only of them as they both complement each other. Studies, Exam, Interview, Job, Promotion — those are the big things. The big things are shaping our career, getting us good job, paying the bills and buying the first house. They are working towards finding that person to marry and securing our future. Little things? They are many — having a great cup of morning coffee, feeling the fresh air while jogging, laughs with your best friends, an evening walk with loved ones, getting drenched in the rain, watching sunset, enjoying a good comedy movie etc.  The little things are what’s saves us when things go wrong. The big things are important, of course but we forget to appreciate the little things.  I love to capture those little things in life and preserve them 'cos they can be easily forgotten and I want them to stay alive forever. 

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