Sunday, 5 January 2014

A reason to celebrate?

A recent trip to Nandi hills in Bangalore 

It all started when an idea popped in our mind to mark our one year completion (rather say survival) in a leading MNC. One year back, 2nd jan 2013, we joined the corporate world as freshers. There was eagerness to live the life independentally and face the music on our own. I am not saying we didn't faced difficulties in college or school life (the exams were like hell for most of us except for the geeky ones) but the condition at this level was different. Everyone was excited but apprehensive too. After a series of induction and orientation programmes (that were fun) came the training season. All of us who thought the studies are thing of past realized it how ignorant we were 'cos nine hour of regular classes with series of tests (having different names) were taken and it felt like everyone is back in school. Somehow we all cleared the exams and had our last laugh together till we were put into different projects. The life has been different for us since than - office location, working hours, project technologies - it's all different. The way we used to help each other during the exams is not possible now. Even we hardly have time to meet, not even during lunch hours (extra work) or on weekends (prefer sleeping after a long week). The idea was to plan for a long roadtrip and spend quality time with each other away from work. However, it was evident with response that not everyone thinks the same way but in a crowd of people one always find some whose thinking are somewhat similar and that is what happened. A trip to Nandi hills was finalized and the journey began as early as 3 AM... 

Rest of the story can be figured out from the images :) 


  1. Exceptional..!! Especially that one.. the sun on the tip!!!

    1. Thanks Pratik.
      Sunrise is always beautiful. Isn't it?

  2. Thanks Rohit and Arindam :-)
    I am glad you liked it.

    Rohit, pic#4, 5 were taken by you. So hats off to you \m/