Saturday, 18 May 2013

Love Happens

I am sitting here and thinking about that One Day. . .
The day I & You - We met! 

Your innocence and those baby talk, 
It kept me awake in the morning till 4'o Clock! 

The long night and our never ending conversation, 
I fell for you and you became my passion!

We began as strangers, we became friends,   
Love kept growing and was not meant to end!  

Our love was incomplete without fight, 
We did break-up to make-up by the end of the night! 

Sometimes I behaved badly and made you cry, 
But I love you more than I can express my pumpkin-pie! 

Trust me OLiVE, I will always be your lover,
'Cos you only said - we are together & forever! 

Though we are 1000 miles apart, 
You are always with me in my heart!


  1. Olive is a pumpkin-pie. :P
    Good Good!!!! :D

    1. She was :(
      Love break-ups aur ye zindagi :D