Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Fly Me to the Moon

Moon? Isn't it just another heavenly body in the universe among so many others? But still it has been the symbol of love and romance since the mankind evolved. The idea of perfect date is incomplete without its presence. It has witnessed so many love stories including mine. 

I still remember that night when I was on a bus going to Agra and there was this girl sitting with me. She had an unparalleled beauty and nothing on this earth could match her. She was serene and placid with spotless milky white skin. Her hair was raven black flowing with cool breeze around her face. Her eyes were chocolaty with a sensational sparkle and was dazzling in the night. Her lips were irresistible and heavenly to kiss. I was witnessing God's most beautiful angel face to face. I was deeply, madly and truly in love at the first sight with her. Though we were strangers but not for very long as she started the conversation with a formal introduction. Her name was Era Malhotra. She was really talkative and soon we were like good old friends and I didn't noticed when we went informal from being formal. I was so lost in her that I forgot I am in a bus and realized it only when it stopped at a dhaba.
“Are you hungry?” I asked.
“No. But I am tired of sitting here” She said.
“Let’s go out for a walk than”.
“Yeah! Great”.
So we stepped out of the bus. I grabbed a can of cold drink and she took her favorite chocolate from the counter and then we came out and started walking on the road. It was a clear sky with no traces of cloud. The moon was shining brightly along with thousands of twinkling stars. The Silhouette of the forest in the foreground was making the place look like paradise. One cannot experience such beauty of nature in their urban life. There was not much traffic on the highway except a few trucks were passing by us every now and then.  She was walking without uttering a word and for the first time since we met she was quiet for so long. We stopped a couple hundred yards in and sat on a rock.  The long silence was broken when she came little closer to me, touched my hand and said, “Best Time I Ever Had”. I looked in her eyes.   She was feeling the same way like I was. I embraced her in my arms and she lay her head on my shoulder. I felt her warm breathe on my neck. Her heartbeat was getting synchronized with mine. I whispered in her ears slowly and softly those three magical words and kissed on her forehead. She looked at me smiling and I smiled back... :) 


  1. Wow! That was great! Hope you got back to the bus? Or did you take a cab from there? :)

  2. @Wedding Rings Vancouver, @La Panoramica : Thank You :))