Monday, 16 July 2012

The story of an IITian

Everyone in the country wants to be an engineer and when it comes to engineering there is one and only name on everyone's mouth - Indian Institute of Technology. It is a dream of every engineering aspirant to be a part of this prestigious institute. The reason:
  • It is difficult to achieve and the challenges adds to its appeal. It is human nature that the thing which we find tougher looks more attractive to us.
  • It sets the students apart from the rest of the society - they are viewed as a subject of envy and receives praise and applause from all around that gives a sense of euphoria.
  • It is considered that it gives a great start to the career 'cos companies compete each other to hire IIT graduates.
But are these reasons actually true? or it just seems so until one gets inside? I recently read about an IITian and that presents a different inside story. 

The question arises: Is it worth studying in IIT? Of course the answer is YES! But everyone in IITs does not make it big and everyone not in IITs doesn’t end it up here. 

There is a LIFE beyond IITs. 

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