Tuesday, 26 June 2012

You Only Live Once

Do you have enough fun in your life? And what do you do to have fun and blow off stress? Share Your Fun Strategies

Life is full of? surprises? problems? ups&downs? ifs&buts? and it seems harder when taken seriously. Do you remember the story of chicken little?  When an acron fell on her head she thought the sky is falling. It scared her so much and she ran in great fright to tell the king. Along the way she met other animals who believed and joined her. However, they never saw the king to tell him that the sky is falling. There is a bit of chicken little in all of us. We are afraid of so many things in our life and do everything to protect ourselves. But we forget to live life amidst up and down times. There is a big difference between living and merely existing and its not only the length but depth of life that matters. One should realize the fact that people who achieve great things are the ones who have fun doing them. Having fun is the pathway to a successful life. The funprint, just like the thumbprint, of a person is unique and is the map of one's true life. In childhood, it's easy to have fun, but in adulthood, fun often needs to become a priority. And that is important 'cos our lives are finite. The day we will disembark, our achievements won't matter to us and all that will remain is whether we enjoyed the ride.  So, live and work but do not forget to play, to have fun in life and really enjoy it. :)