Sunday, 8 April 2012

Setting Goals - Realizing Dreams

Can you summon into mind your dreams you have once had? Those visions which you have once admired to set out to live? Are you there where you once saw yourself: Maybe some steps behind - Maybe some steps ahead? I bet that most of us (and that includes me too) are those who have once or twice, even thrice or more, set their goals high, yet never have exceeded them - but do you know why? Do you know why you have never reached your goal? Do you know why you never reached the destination you aimed for? Do you know the actual reason why you have failed? Inspite of all this struggle and pain you have gone through give the impression of hopelessness? To be honest, the reason why most of us fail to live our life like we dreamt is because we do not realize our dreams. We know what we want to accomplish but knowing itself is not always enough. If we desire to see our goals and dreams in reality we must move toward them consistently and purposefully... :)