Saturday, 3 December 2011


Exams? A necessary evil? But why it is necessary? And if it is necessary than why it is considered as evil? Let us see what is the public opinion on this 'necessary evil'.   
Abhisek said, education refers to getting knowledge. But there are very few whose actually motto is to gain knowledge. The main aim of every student is to get good marks and they study for it and that simultaneously increases their knowledge. Therefore, exam acts as a motivational factor. Arun said, a lot of pressure is put on students 'cos of exams. They face the stressful condition. It makes them learn to handle such condition in real life. Thus it acts as a blessing in disguise. Ashutosh said, a student is learning a subject and there should be a way to know how much he/she learnt during a particular time. That way is the exam. It tells both, student and teacher, how efficient they were during that phase. Deepika said, exam provides an environment of healthy competition. Everyone competes and some students performs exceptional. They should be recognized and appreciated. Dia said,  many people do not study for knowledge but for getting good marks in an exam. However, when they are studying for getting good marks actually their knowledge is increasing. So, it helps in some way or other. Hina said, nobody likes their job. Its a job of a student to study but like others they don't like it. They take their books only during exams and see they pass. The reason is they have an intelligent mind and exams provide them a motivation to study. If there would be no exam no one will ever take a book out to study. That's a fact. Kalyani said, it is the fear factor of exams that motivates students to study. If this factor is removed they won't learn or learn only the subjects they like. However, one should know the basics of every subject. Lakshya said, there are two important aspects of education system: knowledge and marks, and these aspects are directly proportional. If a student has the knowledge he/she will definitely secure good marks than why to worry of exams? Manish said, if someone secures very good marks in an exam it boosts up his/her confidence and gets inspiration to continue for higher education. Also, if someone gets poor marks it helps to identify the problem so that it can be solved. Manoj said, exam gives a measure of how much knowledge someone learnt during an academic year. If the knowledge level is upto the mark or not, it can be known only by taking exams. Naina said, there are two types of students, one who studies and the others who don't. They are not same and a mechanism must be there to distinguish between these two types of student.  That mechanism is the examination. What's wrong with it? P. Sinduja said, as the name suggests the purpose of exam is to examine a person. It gives an opportunity to know our talent. Pooja said, if a student has studied whole year he/she will definitely want to give exam 'cos that will separates them from those who were not working as hard as they were. How can they get credit for their hard work if there will be no exams? Ravi said, its a way to judge how good a student is at the learning process and how good a teacher is at the teaching process. If there will be no exams how one can distinguish between a good & a bad student and a good & a bad teacher. Sachin said, the pressure to perform well in the exams has improved the efficiency of every individual. It has increased the competition and the result is that the country is getting better engineers, doctors and other professionals. Sandhya said, let us consider the scenario where no exams are taken. In that case everyone is genius in their opinion and all are eligible for top colleges and best jobs. Is this a feasible case? Certainly not, so exams are really important in our life. Maano ya na maano. Shreejith said, the students from the country are performing well even at international level. Their performance beyond borders are exceptionally well. It is because of the education system that is being followed. Shubham said, its important to understand the relation between education, knowledge and examination. Education is the process of gaining knowledge and examination is the process of testing the level of knowledge. They are inter-related and complement each other. Sravs said, there are lacs of student in the country. They all are studying so am I. But where I stand among those lacs of students? If their are limited number of seats in the best college who should be given priority? This can be known only through examination. Sultana said, the exams help us to bring out our skills in front of the world. It tests our knowledge level, presentation and communication skill. They create a situation where everyone is under pressure and are required to perform well. Those who performs well are appreciated and those who don't, gets a chance to improve themselves. 

I woke up with butterflies in my stomach. I was having headaches. I tried to do what I had decided last night but the worrying thoughts in my mind was preventing me to do it. I wanted to quit but the fear was not letting me. At the crucial  moment I went completely blank. I wished I had more time,  just a couple of more hours or just another day to prepare. Yes, that was me on the day of examination :)