Sunday, 19 June 2011

For the Monsoon, the Rain and for the Drizzle ...

What I like about Rainy days? I like the smell in the air when it first begins to rain. The smell is due to earth and its kind of refreshing. I like the coolness it brings in after a hot summer. The breeze flowing with the rain drops cools things off. I like the greenery when rain washes off the dirt from trees and plants. It cleans the environment and everything starts glowing that resembles like festive time.  I like to open my umbrella along with thousand of others walking on the street. The street is flooded with different colors of umbrella and it feels like holi, a festival of color, is round the corner. I like hearing the rain sounds which the water drops make when it strikes the ground. There is a different sound when it falls on different surfaces. That's the music played by nature and its melodious. I like the feeling of rain on my face. That brings me close to the mother nature with every drop pouring on me. I like to jump in the small pool of rainwater and make a big splash. Sometimes I do that to revive my childhood memories. I like to see rain drops racing on window panes. Its fun to trace their path. I like to see rainbows  in the sky.  Finally, I like rainy days 'cos it gives me an excuse to stay in and be lazy :) 

A forecast of rain doesn't have to mean the end to photography infact it always presents the perfect occasion to get most out of our skills. Shooting in rain brings about breathtaking atmosphere and adventurous scenes producing astonishing and impulsive picture possibilities. Whether one is after water droplets or lightning & thundering, alone the fascinating cloud formations can produce quite amazing and eloquent snapshot. Reflections can at times spice up a lifeless photo with mirrors or blurs of dancing colors, making the photography in rain beautiful and unpredictable. Still most shutterbugs feels uncomfortable in taking photographs in bad weather 'cos its very challenging. So, if you like photography and loves to face challenges than say, 'Rain Rain Come Again' :D


  1. wonderful collection of photographs to illustrate a very useful point. Have been going through your blog and love what I am seeing. You are truly gifted. Do post frequently and share your work with a wider audience. A little more details about the camera settings would make the pictures even more instructional.

  2. Thanks Subhorup Dasgupta... !!!
    Its true that I do not post very frequently but in the near future I'll be coming up with more themes.
    So, stay connected!!! :)

  3. Super snaps :)
    i spent 10 minutes even after reading your blog and i heard the secret garden song :)
    amazing :)
    Thanks for sharing !

  4. Awesome clicks. Everything is just so perfect. You inspired me. :)

  5. vry much liked ur last one ..just like crowd in mumbai :)

  6. @DeEpAK KaRtHiK (420), @Shakti, @magiceye, @kannaji e:
    I am glad that you liked it.
    Thanks for appreciating!!!